I’m the keeper of two small people of the girl variety, Beaver (7) and Godivy (4) and The Boy With No Name (2). Navigating the world of willies came as something of a surprise. I’ve recently given up work to focus on my writing. Oh and my kids. Eek. I hope no one wants to eat. I’ve run a marathon just to see if I could. At mile 20 I decided that labour was less painful. Since giving birth again twice, I would like to retract that. I write about life and motherhood. Things like why I don’t have a bathroom bin, and what every woman should know about motherhood before they join. And all the other bits I haven’t blocked out. I’ve been told I make other mums feel better. Yes, that’s how much of a disastrous one I am. So if you ever feel a bit like me, you’re in good company here. I’ve just written my third book, The New Mum’s Notebook, a sanity saving journal for all new mums (no matter what round they’re on).