Women’s self-esteem expert Cat Raincock is passionate about empowering and guiding women to live a fulfilled life. She was an ordinary girl who learnt some key things and now lives an extraordinary life. Cat is a mother of 2 children, 40 years old, who in her late 30’s thought she had everything she wanted, lovely husband, 2 kids but somehow it just didn’t cut it. Even though her life until then had ‘ticked all the boxes’ and looked good on paper, inside her head, it was another story. This is a situation that many women can find themselves in. What appears to be a great life to the outer world, can be filled with low self-esteem and feelings of not mattering and not being enough. Cat realised that when her two kids entered her life, they turned it upside down and brought all her ‘inner stuff’ to the surface. They were the greatest gift in showing her where she needed to work on herself. Heading for a midlife breakdown, she realised it was time to face her stuff and embarked on her own personal journey. Through a massive emotional detox, guided meditations and hypnosis Cat has transformed her life and now lives a happy life where she ultimately feels enough, a far cry from where she was, and her mission is to empower as many women as she can to experience the same. Now a trained coach and hypnotherapist, Cat educates people to eat consciously, clean, wholesome food, to detox emotions and their life - i.e. beauty and household products, social media, media consumption, their wardrobe and home! She works with clients on transforming health issues and infertility – which often result from a disconnection between the mind and the body.