A little about myself, always scary writing these sorts of things. My name is Emma and I am a mum to a beautifully perfect little girl. My husband Simon and I recently moved (2017) into London from Surrey (yes, most people are shocked that we seem to have done it backwards, but we are originally from the Lake District and have seen enough fields and cows for now) so I am slowly learning the area and the best places for tea and cake, and a good brunch! Shout out if you live near Balham and know any good places for me to try out! Harri, the perfect little human that entered our world on the 6th January 2018 made me a mum. I cannot even put into words what love I feel for the little cutie pie. I have a site called Mummy Moo. The name 'Mummy Moo' comes from the nickname that my husband and I have for one another. He started to moo like a cow when I was being a moody cow and it always made me laugh. Ever since, we have called one another Moo. Now we have Harri, she is our mini Moo. https://emmalouisefoste.wixsite.com/mummymoo