Hannah Ivanovskis

Hannah Ivanovskis is a purveyor of positivity, champion for change and speaker of truths. She believes wholeheartedly that laughter is the best medicine and that taking the time to do one small thing for ourselves a day that will make us feel better is key to our happiness. Mum to her little girl Frankie, she's a corporate comms bod and life coach in training. Hannah's life coaching sees her working with women aged 30-40 to learn to truly love themselves and their lives. She does this by working with them to discover better ways to organise and harness thoughts, behaviours and even day to day ‘life’ and activities. This in turn, means their personal satisfaction, self love, self confidence and self reliance improves existing perspectives and relationships, and attracts even more positivity into their lives. Hannah is a Brit living in, and loving, Melbourne. You can follow her on instagram @feelbettercollective, find her on Facebook at Feel Better Collective and on twitter @hanlivanovskis.