Keri Jamieson

I am a working mother of 3. Jasper is nearly 4 now and my twins Charlie and Aryella are nearly two - where does the time go?!! We Live in a little hamlet in the countryside called Pott Shrigley which is in the UK. Having been a designer and buyer for my entire career launching KeriKit on my maternity leave seemed a logical solution at the time! I wanted to be able to see my children grow up but I also wanted to be doing something to keep my mind active and also to keep me sane! In hindsight I am not sure launching a business with three under 2 was the right path to keeping me sane but there we have it! KeriKit launched on my birthday September 1st 2014 and I have to admit I am really proud of what we have achieved so far. Its VERY hard work but also VERY rewarding and I know I have made the right decision when I get to take my children to swimming lessons in the mornings, watch them dance with their hula hoops at mini music and see Jasper playing Rugby tots each week. My family are my life and I feel so blessed to have them xx