Just being me. Wife, lawyer, co-owner of two beagles, a small blue human (2013) and a smaller pink human (2017). I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (perhaps I’m still yet to grow up!) and have taken many paths over the years:- retail, bar staff, market analyst, administrative, personal trainer, children’s pony rides, Burger King (not necessarily in order). Jack of all trades master of some I requalified as a lawyer in my mid 20s and continue to practise when I’m not having my small humans. Former perfectionist, overachiever and people pleaser I’ve chilled my boots as that approach to life just doesn’t work for me now I’m juggling a professional career with motherhood. Now a big fan of not over committing and saying no, isn’t that liberating? That took a bit of work. Big thumbs up to guilt free self-care whether that be enjoying a hobnob with a hot cuppa whilst the baby sleeps, reading a couple chapters or getting my nails done. My legal career has seen me coaching people through extremely difficult experiences. I’d be really interested to expand this into confidence, motivational and wellbeing coaching having made some important changes in my own life to achieve a less hectic and productive lifestyle. For a long time friends and family said I ought to blog but I didn't think anyone would be interested in my ramblings. To be honest the thought of putting something out there in the public domain for scrutiny was so scary. Motivated by the challenge of #blogadaymay, and currently on maternity leave, I thought I'd see if I wasn’t too sleep deprived to remember how to construct a sentence and give it a go. The feedback has been so positive and encouraging it’s given me a massive confidence boost so I’m cracking on. The subjects are wide ranging. Having a one word topic to consider and then write about has been a great focus but also a great opportunity to reflect. A bit of nostalgia is going to creep in. I don’t take myself too seriously so there will likely be a bit of humour for good measure. The majority of the content will be looking at my views pre and post small humans as I wind my way through the crazy journey that is motherhood. I might throw in some insights but I'm not holding myself out to be an expert. Although I have kept them both alive so I clearly have some skills in that area. Why the lightbox? It was a birthday gift from a good friend. I took a couple pics with it and the idea stuck. It also means you can easily identify the topic and whether it might be of interest to you. It also means if I have zero inspiration for a photo I can just take a pic of the word.