A northern mum who is chasing a dream career working with pregnant ladies by delivering pregnancy and birthing classes, something with a little more spring in it's step. Life has taught me a lot about being a mum, mainly before I became a mum myself. Like us all, I have my own narrative that got me to this exact place today. I wouldn't change it, but a fair bit of it has been pretty crap. When I am not doing my best to spin plates, I do get my running shoes on and discuss incontinence and toddler tantrums with fellow mum runners. Also, I created an excuse for more nights out by jointly arranging a local dining group with my lovely pregnancy and baby yoga instructor, Suzanne, for mum's who may be in need of a well deserved night out. Lucky for me, I love being a mum. I think I set my parental "difficult" bar high, so most things have seemed OK...so far.