I am Michelle, a woman, wife, psychologist and now mother. Tragically, our daughter Orla, our first child, died at 37 weeks in May 2016 following a straightforward and smooth pregnancy. No clear cause could be found, which is the case in many full term stillbirths. We have now learnt firsthand that stillbirth is not rare and that the UK have one of the poorest rates in the developed world. As a way of managing our grief, we want to break the silence and taboo surrounding child loss, to promote this real issue and raise as much money as we can in our daughters name so that more research can be funded to stop others suffering in the way that we have. Please follow our journey on Instagram and our blog: www.dear-orla.com If you would like to follow and donate to our fundraising efforts, you can do so here at: www.justgiving.com/orla-cottle