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Bad Mums’ Club – Launch Night


March 23, 2017




Alkrington Community Centre, Hadfield Rd, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1TQ

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Welcome to Bad Mums’ Club, born out of a bottle of wine (or 2) and now becoming a reality!

Launch night is 23rd March and we would love you to join us in celebrating not being ‘perfect’ and escaping the kids for two whole hours of fun with other likeminded Mums.

As we all know by now being a Mum is rewarding but bloody hard work and at some point in our lives we all feel like a ‘bad mum’. Well, it’s time to embrace that, stop feeling guilty and meet other people who feel just the same.

Hands up those of you who constantly feel like they are juggling a million and one things? Hands up who compares themselves to other people who look like they have got their crap together whilst you feel like you are wading in mud? Hands up who is sick of the social media ‘perfect’ lives people present when in reality you know they are not true? 

We are all women, Mums, and in the same boat, whatever our background, whatever our story.

Come along to the for an evening of laughter, sharing stories and meeting new friends. We have a fabulous guest speaker joining us for the night, Mum of two and BBC Radio 5 live presenter Sam Walker. Plus you will be able to enjoy interactive demos and treats…from cocktails to contouring!

Tickets £5 (plus Eventbrite booking fee)

**Includes a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival**

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