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Big Sleep Retreats


January 1, 2018


Monday 6pm - Friday 11am


42 Acres Retreat Centre, Witham Friary, Somerset

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So tired you could sleep for a week?                                                  BOOK NOW!

A Big Sleep Retreat is one of the simplest and loveliest ways to treat yourself and already your body is sighing with relief at the very thought of it. Because let’s face it, when was the last time the demands of your life allowed you to surrender to your body’s craving for rest, so you could sleep and eat and dream and treat for a stretch of time in total peace, with no expectations or interruptions? No goals or agenda?

Probably not in a long, long time, if ever at all.

Come join us on one of our Big Sleep Retreats and we’ll support you in 4-nights of delicious child-free, guilt-free, snuggly slumber. No demands. No expectations. No interruptions. Just plenty of time and space to switch off, kick-back and rest. Utterly delicious soft-detox-soul-food to nourish your body and a whole bundle of delicious treats on offer to nurture your soul.

Included but optional…

Daily Meditation.

Evening Yoga Nidra.

Emotional Support & Coaching.

1 Incredible body treatment/massage.

Great library to peruse.

Guided or Solo walks – gentle, nothing Nordic!

Evening bonfire.


Plus plenty of extra treats in store plus time to wander and dream!

Paid for extras…

More delicious body treatments!

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