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Creative Family Photography Course


September 14, 2017


10 - 11.30 a.m.


Harrow College
Lowlands Road

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Since becoming a parent you’re probably taking zillions of photos now.  Well its time to up your game!  Think you’ve not got time to fit it in?  This is a BaB Course which means you Bring A Baby.  We cater for parents with babies, crawlers, toddlers and older!

You’ll be learning how to get the most out of your SLR or bridge camera and take the best shots of your family.  The best bit about this course is that you bring your favourite subject with you.

Week 4 – Master the Shutter

We support you in the 6 classes with our amazing childcare practitioners who are experts in entertainment.  They’re in the room with you, so you aren’t separated from your children.  We plan their activities to complement the photography course.  It makes for a relaxed atmosphere where everyone gets something out of the time.

You’ll be learning both the theory and practical with our professional photographer tutor and we support outside of class with a dedicated private Facebook group too.

Join us for our next course, starting in September.

Booking is essential as the class is small – just 8 adult spaces.

See you there!

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