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Dec 15: Monski Mouse’s Christmas Baby Disco Dance Hall at Birmingham Town Hall


December 15, 2018




Town Hall
Victoria Square
B3 3DQ

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Join DJ-mumma Monski Mouse and her dancers for a morning of family fun at Town Hall. Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall brings high energy and plenty of smiles as your heads, shoulders, knees and toes bop along to lashings of swing, jazz, rock, pop, funk, latin, soul and more!

This international hit, early childhood event lets parents and under fives loose on the dance floor in this friendliest of discos. Selling out shows around the world find out why Monski Mouse is a hit with the under fives and their Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Grans, Gramps, Carers and friends alike.

London-based Australian DJ, Producer and Mum of two, Monski Mouse, has designed the Baby Disco Dance Hall as a super-fun session of dancing and play with your small person. Dress to impress disco style and get your disco-dancing-booties on! (that means you too Mum & Dad!)

DJ Monski Mouse’s musical selection is a combination of fun retro dance tracks and funky nursery rhymes, striking a balance between anthems the adults know and those that the children know, with audio surprises for both, thrown in to keep them all on their toes!

Part of the dance floor is set up with a soft furnished ‘baby area’ where the non-walkers can roll around to the music too.

Monski Mouse and her dance facilitators lead a warm-up for the crowd and the crowd are left to dance on their own and brought back together as a group throughout the disco to take part in songs with actions or suggested activities.

Nobody puts baby in the corner at Monski’s Disco!

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