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Family Beginners Spanish Course September


September 16, 2017


11a.m. - 12 p.m.


Harrow College
Lowlands Road

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We talk about being role models as parents but how do you do that with education?  What if you’re child isn’t bothered about learning?  By joining them in the classroom and starting on the same page as them you can show them what a love of life long learning really means.

You’ll be learning the basics of one of the most spoken languages in the world and by the end of the 5 weeks you and your child will be able to have simple conversations in Spanish.

BaB Courses are a new approach to adult learning.  Our classes are a chance to learn a new skill, meet like minded parents AND be with your children. This particular course is designed for both you and your child to learn together.

Hosted at Harrow College you’ll be in a real classroom with all the modern facilities – including bonuses like free parking and close to the tube/rail station.

Join us for the September term.

Booking is essential as there are only 10 adult spaces per class.

Discount available for 2 adults booking with 2 children.

BaB Courses

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