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Mamas Collective Manchester meetup with Hollie de Cruz


June 7, 2016




Hello Work,
Old Granada Studios,
2 Atherton Street,
M3 3GS

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At Mamas Collective Manchester, we run meetups, workshops & events for savvy, super-cool mamas who love their kids but won’t let motherhood hold them back.

At this meetup – the first in our brand new venue, Hello Work – we’ll be joined by the wonderful Hollie de Cruz, aka @theyesmummum.

Hollie is a social entrepreneur who’s striving to change the face of birth and motherhood in the UK. She’s a mum, a celebrity birth coach, the founder of London Hypnobirthing and the creator of YESMUM positive affirmation cards. How’s that for a CV!?

As Hollie has SO much mama-related wisdom to share this session promises something for all of you, from baby makers thinking of getting on-board with hypnobirthing to fellow mum bosses looking for tips on making a go of it.

Tea and coffee are included, and you’re welcome to BYOB (that’s ‘bring your own babas’ – just select the amount of free tickets you need).

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