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Mamas Meet Up #2 – Fashion, Beauty and Cocktail Special


July 15, 2016


10.30am - 12 noon


Royal Wells Hotel, 59 Mount Ephraim, Royal Tunbridge Wells TN4 8BE

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Mamas Meet Up #2 – Fashion, Beauty & Cocktail Special

Do you struggle to dress now you’re a Mum? Has your shape and skin changed beyond your recognition? Don’t know a BB cream from Sudocrem? Then this session is for you! Our fashion and beauty special is perfect for anyone that feels like they’ve lost their fashion and beauty mojo since having a small person BUT wants it back!

Joining us for our Meet Up is personal stylist and mama Victoria Genevieve and fashion blogger and mum to twin boys, Style Mum (aka Pascale Banks) talking all things fashion; school run hacks, breast-feeding friendly clothes (that aren’t twee), clothes that work for work AND must-have (budget) buys for the summer!

We will also be joined by the highly acclaimed No. 6 Clinic who will be discussing tired skin, eye bags and make-up tips (helping us to look fabulous when we feel far from it!)

And to finish off the session every Mama will get a delicious cocktail courtesy of The Cocktail Social.

There will be time for tea, coffee and chat with like-minded Mamas plus our speakers before and cocktails and more chat afterwards!


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