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Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall at Underbelly Festival Southbank


September 23, 2018




Underbelly Festival, Southbank Walk, SE1 8XX

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Just two London shows left for 2018! Sunday 23 & 30 September at 3pm

Why toddle when you can dance!? Selling out shows around the world, come find out why, DJ Monski Mouse is a hit with the under fives and their parents/carers. Now in her sixth Underbelly Festival season, all summer long, Sundays are Fun-days with Monski Mouse. Expect to do some high-energy smiling to retro hits, pop favourites and funky nursery rhymes as heads and shoulders, knees and toes bop till they drop.

Get glam and put your disco-dancing-booties on!

‘The best dance party with your under 5-year-old that you’ve ever had… absolutely joyous.’

★★★★★ Edinburgh Families

‘Tune after tune perfectly chosen for the youngsters… It’s surely the best baby dance party in the city.’

★★★★★ Edinburgh Evening News

‘In minutes, there wasn’t a mummy, daddy, baby, toddler or child in the house that wasn’t busting some moves… We had a (glitter)ball’

Primary Times

‘It’s not often you see a load of grown men get down on the floor and meow – but then this was no ordinary gig.’

South London Press

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