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Parents Pure Silver Jewellery Workshop September


September 16, 2017


12.30-3.30 p.m.


Harrow College
Lowlands Road

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What do you do with your children’s doodles, hand prints or foot prints?  How about turning them into a pure silver precious charm that lasts forever?

This is an amazing 3 hr workshop to learn how to make precious metal clay jewellery.  All materials are included in the price, including a sterling silver bracelet to put your memory charm onto.

BaB Courses are a new approach to adult learning – you Bring A Baby.  We consider your baby to be anything from new born up to 13 yrs old!  We support you in class with experienced childcare practitioners who are experts at entertainment.  They carefully plan activities, games and support for the age of your children and what’s going on during the course.

As precious metal clay is a moulding substance you can expect lots of play dough activities for your child.

There are not hot metals involved, we’re strict on health and safety here!

Come and join us for a unique learning opportunity

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