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This Girl Is Enough – Self Love


March 22, 2017


7pm - 10pm


Memorial Sports Ground, Lawford Lane, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2NS

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The This Girl is Enough events are an evening where you get to hang out with like minded women who need to be reminded that they are enough (myself included)

There will be speakers that will fill up your metaphorical cup, surround you with warmth and challenge you to love yourself a little bit more ❤

I am pleased to announce that the very first event has now been scheduled and looks set to be a stonker of an evening with ALL profits going towards Women’s charities to further support women.

This event is supporting the charity Rosa Uk.


Have an equal voice
Are safe and free from fear and violence
Enjoy good health and wellbeing
Achieve economic justice

The event details are;

Date – Wednesday 22nd March 2016

Time – 7pm – 10pm

Venue – Old Chelmsfordians –  Memorial Sports Ground, Lawford Lane, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2NS

Price – £20 (this cost does include a goody bag that’ll indulge you further)


ME Lauren, I’d love to welcome you into my quirky yet enough fold and share this fab event with you.

Our amazing speakers;

Elloa Atkinson 


Elloa is a coach, teacher, writer, speaker and an agent of transformative change.

Elloa reunites people with who they really are, helping them remember the love within that they have forgotten.

A long term student and now a teacher of A Course in Miracles, Elloa is fascinated by what it takes to rise up from the ashes of a rock bottom, how to be fully alive, with waking up, and what it really means to be a psychological adult as well as a chronological one.

She loves yoga, weight lifting, walking her doggy, and curling up on the sofa next to her husband Nige. She lives in Sussex between the woods and the sea.laura

Laura Morningstar – Laura is a coach, writer, speaker, and educator. She supports women to expand their capacity for sensual and sexual pleasure.

Carley Pease –  Carley is a business woman & fitness coach. She is the modern embodiment of the independent maverick. Non-conformist and outspoken she enthuses others with her carleyunflinching passion and belief in what is possible. Carley proved somewhat untameable as a teen and ventured into the world while most were still clinging to their mothers apron. This is where her true journey of self discovery began. She learned the hard way that independence comes at a cost, betrayal can come from those closest to you and hope can spring from the darkest moments. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds Carley  emerged as a popular motivator and sought after speaker.

It would be lovely if you could join us and amazing if your mates can join us too.

#thisgirlisenough #womensupportingwomen #strongertogether

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